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We're all about...

Authentic moments

Welcome to Story of Us Wedding Films, where we're all about telling stories and keeping it real! We believe in capturing genuine moments that make your love story shine. Whether you're camera-shy or love the spotlight, we're here to make your wedding memories as authentic and unforgettable as possible. Let's embrace the genuine, quirky and beautifully imperfect aspects of your connection.

Unleashing Creativity for Your Tale

Choosing us to document your story means more than just getting a videographer; it's gaining a collaborator, a creative mind, and someone with a passion for experimentation. Our approach is always evolving, adapting to the unique nuances of each story we tell. Together, we can explore fresh ideas, infuse creativity into your moments, and make sure your story stands out as an original masterpiece. Your love story deserves nothing less.

Embarking on Your Story Together

We're genuinely thrilled to be a part of one of the most significant moments in your lives. The invitation to capture your story is not just a job for us – it's an honor and a unique opportunity to build a connection with you. Consider this more than a videographer-client relationship; it's an invitation to be co-authors of a narrative that celebrates your love.

Meet our team



HANNAH OWENS - Business Owner

I'm Hannah, also known as Eamesy in my close-knit family. I come from a family oriented background full of love and laughter, sparking my desire to film weddings. As a people person, I thrive on discussing your wedding plans, eager to know your stories and craft them into unforgettable wedding videos.


My academic background in film and television, including lecturing, has sharpened my skills. Beyond filmmaking, I'm a passionate traveller, exploring diverse cultures and cuisines for inspiration. With a zest for life and storytelling, I'm dedicated to creating enduring memories of your special day. Let's embark on this journey together!



image of our dog

Jack, our border collie cross huntaway, is a true bundle of energy and mischief, do not trust his innocent looks! With his boundless enthusiasm, he's always up to something, keeping us on our toes.


As the pack leader, he confidently calls the shots, Jack's favourite pastime is catching frisbees on the beach, his agile movements and sharp focus making him an expert in the game. When it's his birthday, there's no better treat for him than a juicy steak, a reward fit for a pack leader!



RICHARD MICKLE - Business Owner

Hi, I'm Rich. My passion for filmmaking ignited during my college years, where I eagerly joined every project available. Since then, my journey has led me to explore various roles in video production, eventually landing me a role as a lecturer and Programme leader in TV and film.

In 2020, I crossed paths with Hannah, and our connection sparked countless adventures, from cohabitating to co-directing weddings (our romantic comedy is in the works!). When I'm not lucky enough to capture wonderful couples, I indulge in good food (perhaps a tad too enthusiastically!), watch high-quality cinema, and play the acoustic guitar. 

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